3 Tips to Prevent Your Car Paint from Environmental



This blog talks about the imperativeness of protecting your car’s exterior. Things like parking your car in shade, washing it regularly and applying a paint protective coat can keep your car’s gloss, shine and colour intact for many years to follow. It focuses on how the best car paint protection in Australia performs in the toughest of conditions to offer your car paint 360 protection under Australia’s extreme climatic conditions. 


We have prepared a list of tips to follow to take care of your car paintwork to keep it fresh and new forever. 


1. Car Washing Has Its Benefits

Have you thought of spending a week without taking bath? Keeping your body unclean can leave the dirt and harmful bacteria on your skin to develop harmful skin disorders. The same applies to your car’s exterior body. Neither birds would mind dropping their excreta on your car nor will pollutants restrict themselves from sticking to your car paint. Moreover, bird excrement is corrosive. If it’s left on the car paint for long, it can cause severe damage to the paint’s gloss, colour and leave a mark forever. Therefore, washing your car regularly is the only option.  If the car is left uncleaned for several days in a go, the environmental elements can destroy the car’s paintwork, destroying its look and feel. Therefore, it is essential to give your car a good wash twice a week.

2. Shade Can Protect the Car Shades

I am sure you have noticed that car colours, when exposed to sun rays, lose their once-vibrant colour. Have you thought why? 

Most car paints start losing their brightness and vibrancy due to the same component of Sun that harms our skin colour. That’s right – Ultraviolet Rays (UV) – when UV Rays come in contact with your car’s surface, it releases a lot of energy. While some extra energy is given off as heat, some of it results in breaking the molecule bonds, leading to the appearance of fading or discolouration of your car’s paint. 

Australia receives 15% more UV heat than countries like Europe and America. Hence, you need to be extra careful while parking your car out in the open, especially during summers. The best you can do is park your car in the shade or garage. It can protect your car paint from colour fading, helping it to stay young and beautiful for years to come. 

3. Maintain the Exterior Gloss & Shine

Is your car losing its shine and gloss as it is getting ancient? Have you ever thought why?

Well, car paint absorbs direct, grime and other bonded contaminants that diffuses light. This reduces the gloss and shine of the paint making it look dull and lifeless. Infact, no paint can remain vibrant and glossy if it is neglected and introduced to a contaminated environment for a longer duration. 

A possible solution for reducing gloss and shine of your car paint, you can use Ceramic paint coating. Now you might be thinking why not apply polish or wax, instead? 

Well, polish as well as wax offer your car temporary protection, wherein, you have to renew them every 3 to 4 months. On the other hand, the ceramic coating offers long term protection to your car’s exterior. It protects the paint from environmental elements like bird droppings and colour fading. Diamond Plate Ceramic coating is the best car paint protection in Australia. They offer factory-trained technicians for professional application of the ceramic coating, cost-effective packages and a 7-year warranty on the application of Ceramic coating. 

Ceramic coating prices in Australia vary pertaining to how old is your car and if you are looking for paint decontamination or paint correction. Whatever you select, ceramic coating is the easiest way to keep your car paint intact with zero damage from environmental elements.