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In the beautiful city of Sydney your vehicle says a lot about you. You car says a lot about you and we are here to help you create an impression.  Our graphene or ceramic coatings not only protects but also enhances your car’s appearance, adding a layer of sophistication and shine.

  • Tailored for Sydney’s climate: Our graphene or ceramic coatings are specially designed to combat local weather conditions, ensuring lasting protection.
  • Mobile Convenience: We understand the busy lifestyles of NSW’s residents. Our mobile service brings top-tier paint protection directly to your doorstep.
  • Sustainable Practices: Emphasising eco-friendly graphene methods, we ensure a low environmental impact without compromising on quality.


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27 July 2022

7 Factors To Check On Before Investing In Car Paint Protection

Buying your dream car is generally considered to be the second big investment. However, being a depreciating asset, the car starts losing its value with small and slow wear and tear. Maintaining the car value is a matter of importance and keeping the car new-like is a matter of interest hence car paint protection is

4 December 2023

Graphene vs. Ceramic Paint Protection: 5 Reasons Why Graphene Reigns Supreme

When it comes to protecting your car’s exterior, the choice between traditional ceramic paint protection and the cutting-edge graphene coating is becoming increasingly relevant. While ceramic coatings have long been favoured by car enthusiasts, graphene is emerging as a superior alternative. In this article, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why graphene takes the crown in

21 July 2023

Professional Ceramic Coating Vs DIY Ceramic Coatings

In recent years, the ceramic coating has gained significant popularity among car owners looking to enhance the appearance and protection of their vehicles. Ceramic coatings offer a durable and long-lasting solution to protect your car’s paintwork from environmental contaminants, UV rays, and minor scratches. While professional ceramic paint protection has been available for quite some

Why Graphene Coating in Sydney?

In Sydney, your car is exposed to a variety of environmental factors – from the bustling city pollutants to the harsh rays of the coastal sun. Our graphene coating service provides a resilient barrier, preserving your car’s paintwork against these elements.  We take pride in offering a service that not only protects your car but also respects Sydney’s natural beauty.

  • Harder, Graphene permanently bonds to the surface increasing the protective layer by up to 10%.
  • More durable; Graphene is non-bio degradable, guaranteed to last 10 years or more.
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity of Graphene,  dissipates heat & reduces risk of heat related damage.
  • 10-Year National Warranty.


Our Graphene Process

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s condition. We meticulously prepare the surface, ensuring every inch of your car is primed for the graphene coating. Our expert technicians then apply a high-grade graphene layer, creating a durable, hydrophobic surface that repels water and dirt.

This advanced material, known for its incredible strength and versatility, brings a suite of benefits to vehicle care and maintenance.

  • 10-Year National Warranty guarantees your vehicle’s glossy showroom appearance for a decade.
  • Enhanced Durability Graphene has a remarkably strong molecular structure, offering a higher level of scratch and impact resistance compared to standard ceramic coatings. This enhanced durability means better protection against everyday wear and tear, preserving the vehicle’s appearance for longer.
  • Superior Heat Dissipation Graphene’s unique properties allow it to efficiently disperse heat. This capability makes it more effective than traditional ceramic coatings in protecting the vehicle’s paint from heat-related damage, such as fading and oxidation caused by prolonged sun exposure.
  • Better Water and Dirt Repellency Graphene coatings are highly hydrophobic, meaning they repel water more effectively. This results in a self-cleaning effect where water beads up and rolls off, carrying dirt and contaminants with it. This property keeps the car cleaner for longer periods and makes washing easier.
  • Increased Flexibility Unlike some standard ceramic coatings that can be brittle and prone to cracking, graphene coatings are more flexible. This flexibility reduces the risk of the coating cracking or chipping over time, ensuring a consistent protective layer.
  • Improved Aesthetic Quality Graphene coatings are known for enhancing the depth and gloss of the vehicle’s paint. This results in a richer color and a more striking shine compared to traditional ceramic coatings, adding to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and potentially increasing its resale value.


In slow-motion, the Guy (Man) is a professional in the garage in working form with a sponge (fiber) imposes different compositions for the car using a special rag. Concept of: Master, Worker.

Graphene Benefits for Sydney Drivers

  • Enhanced Graphene Protection: Shield your car from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and oxidation.
  • Superior Gloss Finish: Achieve an unparalleled gloss that makes your car stand out in the Harbour City.
  • Long-lasting Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with our durable graphene coating that withstands Sydney’s diverse climate.
  • Fashionable Finish: Elevate your car’s look with a high-gloss ceramic or graphene finish that reflects Sydney’s stylish vibes.
  • Enduring Protection: Guard against the elements, from the busy city streets to the coastal areas.
  • Expert Care: Trust our team to deliver a service that matches Sydney’s high standards of excellence.
  • Green Technology: Enjoy state-of-the-art graphene or quality ceramic protection that’s kind to the environment.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Graphene or ceramic protection shields against UV rays, pollutants, and more, keeping your car looking new.
  • Personalized Service: Experience a service that’s as unique as Sydney and its residents.

Diamond Plate’s nano-ceramic paint coating is designed to chemically react to your vehicle’s paint, creating a permanent ceramic coating. When applied properly, Diamond Plate will increase the paint film thickness on your vehicle by up to 10%, giving your car’s paint a glossier and more durable finish.



Diamond Plate Ceramic and Diamond Plate Graphene Ceramic
coatings are proudly Australian made.




Diamond Plate Ceramic and Diamond Plate Graphene Ceramic
coatings have been independently tested to Australian
ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth
Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation.



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