Diamond Plate ceramic paint protection is a protective layer for your vehicle paintwork. Diamond Plate Ceramic paint protection is far more advanced compared to other paint protection products available on the market. Ceramic paint protection technology creates a bond on your car's paintwork. Diamond Plate Ceramic reacts with the vehicle's clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for additional protection.
Graphene Ceramic 9H+ coating has all the advantages and benefits of Ceramic 9H coating plus it provides the added protection of Graphene. Graphene is scientifically tested as being 200 times stronger than steel, 100 times thinner than a human hair, has greater hydrophobic properties. All this means, a higher gloss on the treated surfaces and a more durable level of protection.
The cost of application depends on the type of vehicle and condition. Contact us for a quote.
No, Diamond Plate can only be applied by our network of Approved and Trained Applicators.
We decontaminate and clay bar wash to smooth out any inconsistencies of your vehicle’s paint and prepare the paint to apply the Diamond Plate Ceramic 9H or Graphene Ceramic 9H+ coatings.
We offer both a mobile service and workshops in the Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide Urban areas, as well as some Rural areas.
Yes, Diamond Plate Ceramic coatings are touch dry within 30mins.
Diamond Plate Ceramic coatings are a permanent seal, for which, we provide a 10-year National Warranty.
No, the Diamond Plate Warranty is not transferable and only covers the vehicle whilst it is owned by
original Diamond Plate purchaser.
Diamond Plate Ceramic 9H Coatings and Diamond Plate Graphene 9H+ Coatings are proudly Australian manufactured and owned.
Diamond Plate Ceramic coatings can help resist light scratches; however, it cannot stop swirl marks, wash webbing and scratches. Unfortunately, there is no coating on the market that can do that.
Hydrophobic simply means the surface repels water. With hydrophobic properties, water will tend to sheet or roll off the surface which can help take away dirt, dust, and grime, significantly reducing
To maintain your car’s glossy look all that is needed is regular washing with a normal car washing liquid. The best being a PH neutral car shampoo. You can use a sponge, chamois or any microfibre
We recommend that you do not wash the car or use car cleaning products for 7 days. After that, as often as you like.
We recommend once a fortnight as a minimum, however, weekly washes are even better as they will help to reduce contamination build up.
The chemicals used in the carwash industry do not affect our Diamond Plate Ceramic coatings. However, we recommend that, to help reduce light scratches, wash webbing and swirl marks, you do not use commercial or mechanical carwashes.
No. The good news is that once you have a Diamond Plate Ceramic coating, it just needs a wash to maintain the gloss and protection. However, if you do want to wax or polish the vehicle, it will not affect the viability of our ceramic coatings (USE ONLY NON-ABRAHESIVE POLISH).
You can use a Bug & Tar remover to help remove tar and other contaminants. Removing the
contaminants, as soon as possible, will ensure a better result.
You can use either town or tank water. However, town water is preferable, as rainwater and bore water may carry more minerals that can cause water spotting.
There is no need for any booster, topper, polish, or wax to maintain the 10-year National Warranty of the Diamond Plate coating. However, these can be used and may help to further maintain the vehicle’s paint.
Diamond Plate is recognised by major insurance companies. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance company will cover the cost of the Diamond Plate reapplication as part of the repair cost.
Try to clean the spill as soon as you can. If there are any stains remaining that you cannot remove call us and we will organise one of our Techs to remove the stain and retreat the area.
There is no need to reapply. This is a one-off application which is covered with our 10-year warranty.
Yes, you can contact us any time.



Diamond Plate Ceramic and Diamond Plate Graphene Ceramic
coatings are proudly Australian made.




Diamond Plate Ceramic and Diamond Plate Graphene Ceramic
coatings have been independently tested to Australian
ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth
Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation.



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