Paint protection is a big commitment, especially when you choose Diamond Plate. That’s because Diamond Plate is the best ceramic coating paint protection you can get. Using nano-ceramic technology, Diamond Plate has been proven to protect vehicle paint from the elements for many years.

Diamond Plate’s nano-ceramic paint coating is designed to chemically react to your vehicle’s paint, creating a permanent ceramic coating. When applied properly, Diamond Plate will increase the paint film thickness on your vehicle by up to 10%, giving your car’s paint a glossier and more durable finish.

In a range of independent studies, Diamond Plates car paint protection was proven to outperform other paint protection brands. When applied properly to the clear coat of your car, Diamond Plate’s ceramic coating formula reacts with and bonds to the clear coat finish to create a new layer and the ultimate protection for your car’s paint. 

Diamond Plate Benefits

Quality Ceramic Paint Protection

  • Industry best grade Ceramic Coating material.
  • Extra layer of protection against the Australian conditions, bird & bat droppings, tree sap, road tar and other contaminants. 
  • Improved shine, gloss & durability.
  • Resists slight scratches, swirl marks & wash webbing. 
  • Easier to clean.
  • Does not wear off like normal car wax & polish.
  • Applied Onsite by certified technician.
  • 100% Australian Made & Owned.
  • 7-Year National Warranty

Graphene Ceramic 9H+

  • All of Ceramic 9H – PLUS – ultra advanced Graphene 9H+ technology.
  • Harder, Graphene permanently bonds to the surface increasing the protective layer by up to 10%.
  • More durable; Graphene is non-bio degradable, guaranteed to last 10 years or more.
  • Slicker, smoother, more uniform finish, with a deeper richer shine and gloss.
  • Superbly hydrophobic, less water spotting as water sheets off the surface.
  • Greater adherence, ensuring a stronger bond to the car’s surface.
  • More flexible, helps prevent cracking & chipping.
  • Anti-Static properties further help to repel dirt, grime & water spots.
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity of Graphene,  dissipates heat & reduces risk of heat related damage.
  • 10-Year National Warranty.


Diamond Plate’s active ingredient is Polysilazane, A polysilazane paint coating is held together by silicon-oxygen bonds, which are unaffected by ultra-violet light making it scientifically suited as the active ingredient in car paint protection.

Upon on the surface of vehicle paint are hydroxide groups. These hydroxide groups have a strong reaction when they come into contact with polysilazane, creating a chemical bond that anchors Diamond Plate to millions of individual points across the surface of vehicle.

Put simply, Diamond Plate reacts with the vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a new layer and thicker coating for ultimate paint protection. These highly cross-linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, provide UV protection and are wear resistant.

Studies were performed in order to explain the molecular level and the extreme durability of Diamond Plate when applied to an automotive clear coat. By monitoring changes in intensity of characteristics bands of the clear coat, it was found that, unlike other commercially available paint sealants, Diamond Plate chemically interacts and cross links, with the clear coat to provide a tough and durable coating.

Modern car with gold light effect


Whether you love your car more than anything else or simply want to protect your asset, a Diamond Plate ceramic coating is the best paint protection available on the market. Much more than paint protection, Diamond Plate is an investment in the value of your vehicle and a barrier against day-to-day wear and tear and Australian weather.

After all, why risk the appearance of one of your biggest assets?>

If you are looking to invest in a car paint protection, then invest in Diamond Plate.

Fabric Care

Diamond Plate’s Fabric Protection Coating can be applied to any textile surface; fabric car seats, car upholstery and carpets. The coating’s advanced formulation acts as an invisible and breathable barrier using the latest technology for durable long-term protection. It offers the future in high-tech odourless water-based protection and helps prevent permanent staining from water, coffee, milk and other commonly consumed foods or liquids, sunscreen, makeup.

Car seat with grey upholstery, closeup view

Vinyl Care

Diamond Plate’s Vinyl Protection Coating is our answer to maintaining the car’s interior variety of plastics. We apply it to the dashboard, vinyl door trim and the centre console to help present cracking, splitting and discolouration cause by the effects of UV light. It also helps to prevent permanent staining from commonly consumed food and liquids, sunscreen, body creams and make-up. It delivers a nice, even satin lustre, ensuring the appearance is well-maintained and looking its best

Leather Care

Diamond Plate’s Leather protection formulation deeply nourishes and seals leather, maintaining and preserving the new car look and smell. Our product is a true leather protection coating that will help prevent cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by UV light. It prevents permanent staining from water, coffee, soft drinks, and other commonly consumer foods, liquids, sunscreen, body creams, make-up and other contaminants. The protection is applied to all leather surfaces, including door trim and seats helping to keep the car’s interior in showroom condition.

Car seat with grey upholstery, closeup view



Diamond Plate Ceramic and Diamond Plate Graphene Ceramic
coatings are proudly Australian made.




Diamond Plate Ceramic and Diamond Plate Graphene Ceramic
coatings have been independently tested to Australian
ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth
Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation.



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