Owning a car is generally considered to be the second biggest investment. This investment comes with a lot of responsibility and heavy maintenance. A little mistake can bring a lot of expenses to your plate. Here at Diamond Plate, we provide the best car paint protection coating. But, it’s not always possible to undo the previous damage before taking preventive measures like the application of Ceramic paint protection.

It is often suggested to get the ceramic coating for cars at the time of buying. But, if that is not the case and you are unable to opt for the ceramic coating for cars, then you must beware of these common mistakes by the car owners that ruin the car paint completely.

Skipping the car washes

Regular washing and waxing is important to protect your car from the possible damage due to dust, dirt, road debris and environmental fallouts. Removing the dirt and grim brings back a better look of your vehicle and helps in maintaining the shine.

Skipping the car washes causes these damage-causing factors to cling to the paint surface and catalyse the wear and tear. Even the best car paint protection in Australia, won’t be able to undo that wear and tear.

Poor cleaning routine

A thorough hand wash using a degreaser is very important to remove the residues clung to your car paint. For such a wash wax-free, gloss-free soap is preferred. But not everyone spends on such a soap. The use of dishwashing detergent is a big no-no in car washing. And yet, it is observed being used and leaves the hazardous effects on the car paint. However, if applied ceramic paint protection then a simple wash with the water is enough.

The next step here is drying. Drying your vehicle completely is important to eliminate the chances of paint oxidation. Microfibre towels are used for the drying of vehicles. However, the use of dirty rags and towels can offer a lot of trouble to your car paint.

Parking in the open spaces

This is the most harmful mistake any car owner can make. It gives easy access to all the damage-causing factors out there through the direct exposure of the car paint surface. Check out these damage-causing factors to be dodged and the harm they cause to your car paint.

UV rays

The UV rays cause the colour fading and the paint hence either looks patchy or the paint loses its shine and newness.


The oxidation causes the paint oil to dry up affecting the colour and shine of the car. You observe smoky-white blotches on your car paint. It can’t be detected easily at its primitive stage. However, once it’s visible it mostly had already affected a large area.


The metal starts to corrode after being exposed directly to extreme weather conditions due to the lack of ceramic paint protection.


The stains caused due to environmental fallouts such as bird droppings are not easy to clean. The rubbing might result in scratches or a faded colour patch.

Chemical reactions

The combination of heat and atmospheric gases triggers the chemical reaction spoiling your car paint. Also, acid rain causes a chemical reaction in your car paint.

Environmental fallouts

The environmental fallouts like tree saps, bug splatter, insect itching, bird droppings, bat droppings, etc. stick to your car paint is not removed asap. Cleaning the environmental fallouts is often tricky as there are chances of damage due to rubbing. It can cause scratches or a faded patch of paint.

Even after the application of any ceramic paint, in Australia, it is suggested to keep your cars under the shed.

Car covers

One might think that covering your car with a good car cover can save you from the above mentioned damage-causing factors as the car paint surface won’t be directly exposed to the external environment.

However, the friction between the car cover and paint surface due to strong wind can cause more harm than the rubbing during the removal of environmental fallouts. Hence, one must not opt for car covers.

Driving on rough roads

Your car tires might be very powerful to dodge any damage due to rough roads and the suspension might be excellent to protect the passengers from the jerks. But, there are plenty of tiny factors that hit the car paint surface after battling it out with the tires on speed.

Though the damages are tiny, the count is large. This is the beginning of the slow wear and tear of your car paint or even the ceramic coating for cars. Hence, you must avoid driving on such rough roads.

Having unqualified technicians service your vehicle

It is important to opt for certified technicians when it comes to car care services. Random mechanics can not offer what the professional does. The new trend here is DIY.

People do not trust themselves with the safety of their money. Then how come one can risk while spending it? Well, you must not. It’s always better to trust qualified technicians over DIY for the installation of the best car paint protection coating or other detailing.

How to maintain your car paint

Ceramic coating is undoubtedly the best among all the car paint protection. It protects your car paint from harmful UV rays and prevents the possible damage due to bug splatter, insect itching, bird droppings, bat droppings, and weather fading.

Ceramic Coatings have resistive properties towards dirt and grim and hence make the cleaning of your car very easy. They also have hydrophobic properties that help reduce the chances of paint oxidation and chemical reactions.

Here at Diamond Plate, we offer the best car paint protection in Australia in a complete package according to what your car paint asks for. If you’ve bought a new vehicle or want to better maintain the current one, feel free to cut off the huge chunk of the future maintenance costs.