Buying your dream car is generally considered to be the second big investment. However, being a depreciating asset, the car starts losing its value with small and slow wear and tear. Maintaining the car value is a matter of importance and keeping the car new-like is a matter of interest hence car paint protection is necessary to maintain its value.

This is where the best paint protection coating for cars enters the frame. Car paint protection plays a vital role in car maintenance. It is a one-time investment. Yes, it is an investment. If we compare the ceramic coating price in Australia with the timely maintenance cost, you’ll understand that car paint protection saves you from huge future maintenance costs.

However, there are plenty of things to consider before investing in ceramic paint protection. Read them to opt for the best car paint protection Australia.

Hardness Rating

Ceramic coating is made of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) sourced from quartz or sand and Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is combined with it as an additional hardening element. And this is where the terms 8H, 9H and 10H come into the picture.

The 9H is the hardness rating for ceramic coating. This hardness rating is derived from the pencil hardness. The 9H rating is given to the ceramic coating that can resist the scratch from the pencil of 9H hardness, which is the hardest of all. It can only be removed by abrasion.

To talk about the brands promoting 10H ceramic coating, any coating above the 9H rating is thick and hence loses its elasticity. This causes the paint to crack if given external pressure. This is why nano-ceramic coatings are often preferable.

The Look

Ceramic coating is the best paint protection coating for a reason. Along with the paint protection, it offers a finely finished glossy look to the car. As the ceramic coating is a glass coat that acts as a sacrificial protective layer, it enhances the gloss of the car paint surface. This enhanced look adds value to your car. Hence, along with the paint protection, this enhancing factor of appearance is to be considered while investing in the best paint protection coating.

How long does it last?

Ceramic coating is highly durable. The ceramic coating has an approximate life of 10 years if maintained properly. Here at Diamond Plate, based on our 9H-rated products, we offer 5 years of warranty for the new cars and a 6-9 year warranty for the used cars without any requirement of yearly inspection. This longer sustainability has made it the best car paint protection in Australia as high durability is the must-have in ceramic paint protection.

Preventive Properties

Ceramic coating adds a protective layer that resists oxidation, chemical reactions and the effects of the UV rays. They also prevent the possible damage due to bug splatter, insect itching, bird droppings, bat droppings, and weather fading. Also, it offers ease while cleaning the stains. It has a property to release dirt and grim of any kind. Making sure that you are not losing on any of them is important before the investment in car paint protection.

Hydrophobic Behaviour

We all are aware of the possible threat of car paint oxidation. To prevent it, the ceramic coating has water repellent properties called hydrophobic properties. The ceramic paint coating is designed to chemically react to your car paint, creating a permanent protective shield on your car paint.

However, there have been cases where the car paint faced damage due to paint oxidation even after applying the best paint protection coating in the local market. Wonder why?

There are two types of water behaviour on ceramic coated car paint surfaces – Beads and sheets. Water beads are the waterdrops left on the car paint protection surface and the sheet is a spread-out water appearance on the coating. The water drops on the ceramic-coated surface act as a magnifying glass in the sunlight causing the burning of the layer elements underneath and allowing the water to penetrate the car paint. This results in the problem of watermarks on the ceramic-coated cars. That is why the sheet is the preferable type among the two hydrophobic behaviours of ceramic paint protection.

DIY Vs Professional

The difference between DIY and Professional ceramic paint protection is that professional-grade ceramic coating is applied by certified technicians only, whereas some of the paint protections are available online for personal application. However, Ceramic Coating is not a DIY product and hence, it is a must to get it applied by a trained professional. Still, want to opt for DIY? Here is some free advice that you better inspect your car condition and introspect your skills prior.


The next factor here is the installation and the price. The price of ceramic coating in Australia is generally fixed. However, here at Diamond Plate, it is decided by the condition of your car paint. The ceramic coating price based on the car conditions is comparatively lesser than the standard ceramic coating price in Australia. Yet, it’s better to spend on the ceramic coating at the time of buying the car as the ceramic coating is ideal for new vehicles or vehicles with paint in good condition or repainted vehicles.

The car paint protection will increase the value of your car by maintaining its better looks and high sheen. If you choose car paint protection after checking on all the above-mentioned factors, you’ll be relieved from the further stress of the car maintenance costs. Ask it out! We’re here.

Diamond Plate serves car owners nationwide – Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, and other major cities. This convenience for consumers has helped us with their trust and the title of one of the best car paint protection Australia.

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