It is often observed that people are relieved after the application of Diamond Plate’s ceramic paint protection. Well, they must as the ceramic coating resists plenty of damage-causing factors. But, the moment you start relying on the ceramic coating completely, there starts the trouble.

Even the Vehicles coated with the best car paint protection coating in Australia require regular wash and care. It’s just that in comparison to the non-coated vehicles, the intervals can be long and the efforts are very less. Ceramic paint protection brings ease to the cleaning of your car. It has a property to release the dirt and grim. Contaminants clung to the coat can be removed easily.

But, all this is to be done. Regular maintenance asks for a maximum of 20 minutes. You know your car deserves that much time at least, not driving but maintaining it.

1. Do not wash your car for the next 2 weeks after the application of Ceramic Coating 

This might sound contradictory to the above suggestions but, it is important to give the appropriate time for the ceramic coating to bond with the car paint properly. If we interrupt the wash between this duration, the protective layer might lack the proper hydrophobic properties and this might end in the car paint oxidation.

Instead, for those 2 weeks, you can wipe off the impurities with a dry microfibre towel.

2. Do not wash your car in direct sunlight

Washing the car under direct sunlight might leave the spots and streaks back on the car paint surface. To avoid this, try washing your car under the shed or garage.

Direct sunlight while washing can create enough heat to break the ceramic coating. Take the best paint protection coating if any other than Diamond Plate, you will observe slow wear and tear of that coating after the wash in sunlight. 

3. Remove the contaminants immediately

The ceramic paint protection protects excellently against environmental fallouts like bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, insect etching, and also, the factors like road debris. It doesn’t only prevent the possible damage, but also brings ease to cleaning such contaminants. However, if not cleaned immediately, they can cause harm to the ceramic coating for cars and hence can expose the car paint surface to all the external damage-causing factors.

4. Use a dedicated car-wash product

We have designed the ceramic coating for cars using nano-technology. Our ceramic coating bonds with the car paint forming strong chemical compounds. That’s if any other detergent than the ph-neutral products is used for the car wash, it breaks those potent compounds and damages the sacrificial layer of the ceramic coating and eventually, the car paint.

Also, the ceramic coating prevents minor scratches and swirl marks. But, that does not make your car scratch-proof. Though it is a sacrificial layer over the car paint surface, the scratches might go beyond that. Hence, the use of car washing brushes with harsh bristles is to be avoided even after the installation of the car paint protection.

5. Always use the two-bucket car wash method

Introducing to you a simple two-bucket car wash method to be followed for the regular washing of your ceramic coated vehicle as it is proven to produce the best wash results. According to this method, clean your car with 2 buckets of water. The first one is for washing and the second one is for rinsing.

The first bucket contains the solution of water and the dedicated automotive wash detergent and the other contains pure clean water. The wash mitt is dipped in the first bucket and the car is cleaned from the top to down, one surface at a time. The rinse bucket is then used to wash away all the dirt and debris.

6. Do not air-dry your car

It’s a must to wipe off the water and dry the external car surface completely. And for that, the use of a microfibre towel is suggested as it provides neat and complete dryness. However, many car owners are lazy enough to airdry their cars. This ends up leaving the spots and streaks behind that cause slow wear and tear to your ceramic coating.

7. Do not opt for an automated car wash

It is strongly suggested to avoid the automated car wash as you know your vehicle well. You know all the minor damages on its surface. The same washing method and products cannot be applicable to all vehicles. Your car needs special care even after installing the best car paint protection coating in Australia.

An automated car washing might use harsh brushes and it involves extreme high-pressure streams of water. That can harm the protective covering of the nano-ceramic coating.

What will happen if one does not maintain the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is popular for its car paint protection against extreme weather conditions and the amazing looks it offers to your vehicles. If not well maintained these two primary and most important factors will be compromised.

You might experience the loss of shine as the small wear and tear of the ceramic coating might allow the UV rays in. Also, it’ll affect the hydrophobic property and will result in paint oxidation and colour fading.

To avoid these least-liked conditions of your vehicle, maintain your ceramic paint protection properly. Here at Diamond Plate, we give 10 years of warranty without any requirement for a yearly inspection. However, the ceramic coating is highly durable and can last longer if maintained properly. How long do you think you can stretch its lifespan? I’m sure the above-mentioned tips will help your ceramic coating make it to 20+ years.