With the introduction of Graphene Coatings, the car paint protection again has adopted a new upgrade in the GOAT ceramic paint protection. Ceramic coating for cars has always been the wisest choice to protect your car paint. Wonder why?

Ceramic paint protection creates a sacrificial layer on your car’s paint surface that protects the car paint from external damage-causing factors like environmental droppings and weather fading. What are they?

Which Are The Damage-Causing Factors To Your Car Paint?

Environmental Damages

This ceramic paint protection protects your car paint from possible damage due to the following environmental droppings.

1.     Bird Droppings

2.     Bat Droppings

3.     Bug Splatter

4.     Insect Etching

Cleaning the environmental droppings is often tricky as there are chances of damage due to rubbing. It can cause scratches on the paint surface. The ceramic coating for cars prevents such damage.

Weather Fading

Weather fading is generally caused due to the chemical reaction between the car paint and atmospheric factors creating white blotches on the car paint surface. These atmospheric factors are usually –

1.     UV rays – An exposure to the UV rays results in the colour fading and the paint hence either looks patchy or loses its shine and newness.

2.     Oxidation – The car paint damage that occurs due to natural causes like the accumulation of contaminants and corrosion is known as Car Paint Oxidation. The oxidation dries up the paint oil and affects the colour and shine of the car.

Ceramic paint protection helps you overcome and prevent these damage-causing factors with its preservative properties.

What Does Ceramic Paint Protection Do And What It Does Not?

Along with the preservative properties, certain myths are often rumoured about some exaggerated properties. To bust them all, let’s see what ceramic paint protection can do and what it cannot.

What Does ceramic paint protection Do?


The ceramic paint protection protects your car paint from possible damage because of bug splatter, insect itching, bird droppings, bat droppings, and weather fading. Cleaning the environmental fallouts is usually tricky as there are chances of harm because of rubbing. The ceramic paint protection prevents such damage.

Easy cleaning

The ceramic paint protection makes the cleaning of your vehicle easy and efficient with its hydrophobic properties. A straightforward wash will easily release any dirt and grim on your vehicle.


With the 9H Ceramic Paint protection products, the coating is extremely durable.


It is better to spend on ceramic paint protection at the time of shopping for of car. It avoids further excessive expenses. ceramic paint protection paint could be a one-time investment with a long-term effect.


The ceramic paint protection enhances the gloss after the finish and provides the right sheen and a perceptible look to your vehicle.

What Does ceramic paint protection Not Do?

The ceramic paint protection does not prevent scratches and rock chips

The ceramic paint protection prevents small scratches and swirl marks. But, that doesn’t make your car scratch-proof. Though it’s a sacrificial layer over the car paint surface, the scratches might transcend that.

At such times, the hardness of ceramic paint protection matters. The ultimate 9H-rated ceramic paint protection can provide maximum protection against scratches. But, it’s always better if you are attempting and avoid the possibility of getting scratches.

Also, it can’t stand the abrasions like rock chips.

ceramic paint protection is not permanent.

ceramic paint protection is extremely durable. It has an average life of 10+ years if maintained properly. People change their vehicle therein a long period a minimum of once or perhaps more. that may be the rationale behind this myth. But, ceramic paint protection isn’t permanent, just highly durable. It’s durable enough that here at Diamond Plate Australia we offer a 10-year warranty with no requirement of the yearly inspection of their ceramic coating for cars.

It is not extremely expensive

The price of ceramic paint protection varies on the idea of your car paint condition. However, if your car paint is extremely damaged, you’ll surely find the ceramic paint protection expensive. you want to invest in new paint first in such cases. And if not, then a brand new vehicle.

It’s always suggested to urge your car paint surface coated with ceramic paint protection before it faces external damaging factors.

What Are The Factors To Consider While Choosing ceramic paint protection?

The chances of buying poor-performing coatings and getting robbed are not rare. To avoid them make sure you watch out for these factors.


The main factor that affects the performance of your Ceramic paint protection is its hardness. you want to have heard the lingo – 9H hardness, long-lasting. The 9H within the Ceramic Paint Protection is the rating given in relevance to the hardness of the coating. Long-lasting ceramic paint protections are with the 9H hardness. These coatings would break only by abrasion. to speak about the brands promoting 10H ceramic paint protection, anything above the 9H is thick and hence loses its elasticity. Once the elasticity is lost, the car paint protection can’t stand the tendency of the paint to crack if given external pressure.


Ceramic paint protections are well-known for giving a fine finished look to your cars with high gloss. This enhancement within the paint gloss is because the layer of this best paint protection for cars is essentially a hardened glass. There are three forms of effects a car ceramic paint protection can give.

  • 3D deep making it appear deep and rich,
  • Shiny giving a freshly spread and glittery look,
  • Crystal creates the prism effect.
  • These are the finishes to test before selecting the ceramic coating for cars.


Ceramic paint protections are the most unadorned protective shields ever made for automotive paint. Together with the best-in-class finish, gloss, and hardness, they resist oxidation, UV rays, and chemical reactions. Also, as mentioned above, they prevent possible damage from bug splatter, insect itching, bird droppings, bat droppings, and weather fading. Make sure your ceramic paint protection covers all of those damage-causing factors.

Hydrophobic behaviour

The ceramic paint protection has great hydrophobic properties i.e they’re repellent to the water. But, it’s the water behaviour that matters. There are two forms of water behaviour. Beads and sheets. Water beads are the water drops left on the car paint protection surface and therefore the sheet could be a spread-out water appearance on the coating. The sheet is the preferable type among the 2 behaviours. Here is why –

The water drops on the ceramic-coated surface act as a light microscope within the sunlight causing the burning of the layer elements underneath and allowing the water to penetrate the car paint. Hence many of us face the matter of watermarks even after the installation of ceramic paint protection.

DIY or Professional

Before choosing the DIY ceramic coating for cars, inspect your car condition and introspect your skills. It’s easy to use the ceramic paint protection on a newly bought car and difficult on old cars. For that, you need to choose a professional installation of the ceramic post protection.

The Installer

The best paint protection for cars also asks for the best installer. Here we are!

Diamond Plate has gained the trust as the best car paint protection in Australia. It hardens up the clear coat on your paintwork and gives a better, glossy look to your vehicle and makes it easier to clean and resistant to dirt along with all the preventive properties.