Don’t you think your car deserves all the love and care, and should be taken care of well? This is the reason Diamond Plate is here. We can help you preserve the looks of your car for the long-term. If you would like to learn more about what we do for our customers, keep reading.


While buying a new car is in itself a huge investment, maintaining it is an ongoing task. When you take your car out, the car’s body might get affected due to harsh environmental conditions. Either the UV rays of the sun or the splashes of mud and dirt in the rain can affect its body. Not to mention how the occasional bird droppings and insect etches can ruin the pristine look of your car. To avoid any damage caused during such situations, Diamond Plate’s nano-ceramic paint coating is the solution to all your problems.


The ceramic paint coating  service we offer is unique for the following reasons. Firstly, the ceramic coating gives the long-term protection that your car requires against extreme weather conditions as well as harsh UV rays. Secondly, they are so durable that even if you wash your car for over 5000 times, there is little or no erosion of the coating.


Thirdly, our ceramic paint uses one of the most unique ingredients- Polysilazane, which creates a reinforced coating held by strong silicon-oxygen bonds. This is the reason why our ceramic paint can withstand ultra-violet light and has water-resistant properties as well. Fourthly and most importantly, we offer a 7-year warranty on the interior and paint protection of your cars.


While the benefits you enjoy after getting our protection packages are many, there is no doubt that we offer the most reliable service in Australia.


To determine the effectiveness of our ceramic coating services, we have conducted some lab tests including the “Car wash test” and the “Accelerated weather test”. What was interesting is that we got phenomenal results. Even after repeated washing of the car, there was no erosion of the coating implying the best water-shed properties of the paint. Also, the durability of the 9H ceramic paint proved to be exceptional. Even though the ceramic-coated car was exposed to harsh weather conditions, there was very little or almost no reduction at a whopping 2,000th-hour mark.


If you are a car enthusiast or someone who just wishes to keep your car shining for years, you need Diamond Plate’s ceramic coating service. For someone who has bought a new car, the new car paint protection package will be the most suitable option for your car.


Apart from ceramic paint protection, we have a range of products to preserve the interiors of your car. Some of the products are leather protectant, fabric protectant and vinyl protectant. So, the next time you have a soft drink or a coffee inside your car; do not worry about the stains. All you have to do is get in touch with us and relax for a bit! Drop us a line now to get an estimate.