Car Paint Protection is an onerous job for every Aussie considering the climatic extremes. Australia is the land of extremes as it has temperatures ranging from highs of 40°C to below freezing and the low average annual rainfall on continents to the concentric and intense rainfall in the tropical area. Let’s check out this seasonal impact on the car paint.


The three transition months of September, October and November. Coming out of winter and preparing for summer involves plenty of car servicing like the change of fluids, checking on coolants, etc. However, when it comes to car paint, it is coming out of the pleasant winter and getting ready for the harsh summer.

The only damage-causing factor during this season is environmental fallouts. Diamond Plate’s Ceramic Paint Australia relieves you from this tension as it saves the car paint from the possible damage due to tree saps, insect etching, bug splatter, bird droppings, etc. Ceramic coating is indeed the best car paint protection in Australia‘s current automotive scenario.


One of the most significant features of Australia’s climate is its long, hot and mostly dry summers. During December, January and February, Australia experiences the peak of the summer heat. Summer is the season that can affect the car paint, the most.

Summer knocks on our doors with the vacay mood and the road trips are the current favourites. Taking out your car on the hot summer road opens up the chances for paint damage.

The most important damage-causing factor in the hot summer is the harmful UV rays. Direct exposure to these harmful rays can result in the dry-up of the paint oil, loss of shine and colour-fading. Also, the extreme heat causes a chemical reaction between the atmospheric gases and the car paint. The result of that reaction can be observed on the car paint surface in an uneven pattern. Another factor here is the road debris and driving on the rough roads. It can cause small wear and tear on the car paint.

There occurs a heavy rainfall between December and March. Rainfall is highly variable in Australia. On most of the continent, the low average rainfall is observed. And on the tropics, one can witness the intense seasonal falls. In spite of the intensity, even the moisture, the humidity can cause damage to the car paint.

Does that mean that you’ll have to drop down the road trip plans?

Of course not. We’ve got you covered with our Ceramic Coating for cars. It adds a sacrificial layer of car paint protection that protects the car paint against harmful UV rays. It also has a property to release all the dirt and grim that brings ease to the cleaning of cars. Our ceramic paint protection has excellent hydrophobic properties to protect the car paint against rain.


Autumn is another transition season of three months – March, April and May. It raises the possibility of car paint oxidation. The car paint damage that occurred due to natural causes is called car paint oxidation. It is when an area from the car surface gets affected and you observe smoky-white blotches on your car paint. It can’t be detected easily at its primitive stage. However, once it’s visible it mostly had already affected a large area and it can’t be undone with any ceramic paint in Australia.

The lack of car care during autumn can result in the accumulation of contaminants. Dirt and grim due to heavy wind and the acid rain can lay behind the substances that cling to the surface of your car. This layer slowly strips away the gloss of your car paint and causes decolouration in patches.

Only the best car paint protection in Australia can save the car paint from oxidation during Autumn and hence, here we are with our ceramic coating for cars. We offer a warranty against the 10 season cycles without any requirement of yearly inspection. And, if maintained properly, with its high durability, our ceramic paint Australia can protect your car for a longer period of time.


As most people don’t wash their cars during winter, the chemicals, dirt and snow threw up by the road are frozen with the car paint. This can cause the corrosion and chipping of the paint. But, if washed regularly, you can save the car from these problems.

Drying the car after washing is an important step as the air dry will leave marks and streaks on the car paint surface. However, during extreme winters, it is difficult to keep the car paint surface dry.

Here is where the ceramic coating for cars acts as a saviour. Ceramic paint protection is the best car paint protection in Australia as it has excellent hydrophobic properties that repel the constant wetness from causing harm to the paint. We’ve achieved the 9H rating for the hardness that lessens the risk of scratches and swirl marks due to the kicked-up road debris.

Additional Preventive Measures

Other than the car paint, the following are the factors to check upon to prepare your car for this extreme season cycle.

  1. Invest in good Coolant/Antifreeze to avoid being left stranded in cold due to the frozen engine or in the draining head due to the oil-drained engine.
  2. Have your car pumped to its preferred pressure.
  3. Park your vehicle indoors and away from the cold, strong sunlight or heavy rains to save it from the environmental damage-causing factors and to keep your car battery in its top form.
  4. Check on your headlights and bring them back to the best possible brightness before the rain and the winter.
  5. Fluids like engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, etc. are to be checked to keep them from excessive wear and tear before you take out your car on the long roads.
  6. The last and the most important one, wash and dry your car regularly. Ceramic coating brings ease while washing your car and subtly removes all the stains. But, to maintain that ease in cleaning and the gloss gifted by ceramic coating to your car, you must wash it regularly.