Did you know that there are 17,158,195 registered motor vehicles* in Australia? This means that a whopping 92.5% of households have a car. There is no doubt that your car will be one of your most valuable possession after your house. 

When it comes to cars, the paint is one of the first things people notice about your car, which is why it’s important to keep it looking flawless. It may seem impossible to keep your car looking brand-new after a few months of use. Either the car paint becomes dull or there’s a lot of dirt accumulated on the surface, that is difficult to clean. Getting the car waxed and polished may often be time consuming. For this reason, ceramic coating for cars is a permanent long-term solution. But why is ceramic coating the best option? Let’s find out.

Prevention of Weather Damage and Environmental Damage

The Australian summer can be brutal, you will face situations when you leave your car in the sun for long periods. Imagine the harm that the sun’s dangerous UV rays can cause the car’s exterior. 

Not only does the car’s paint fade and starts looking dull but the car’s paint can oxidise resulting in the breaking down the paint’s molecular structure. With ceramic paint coating, the car’s paint stays longer as the ceramic paint’s chemically intrinsic properties behaves as a sacrificial layer over the vehicle’s clear coat giving it sufficient protection from environmental damage.

Safeguarding from rain, mud, and dirt

Ceramic coating is the latest technology, unlike wax or factory paint, it does not wear off with ease. Ceramic coating for cars does a better job in protecting the car’s exteriors from rain, mud, or dirt. It also protects the car’s surface by reducing contaminants from bonding with the paint which can lead to stains and damage the car. Not to mention that bird droppings or even air pollutants have lesser chances of sticking to your car. 

Mirror-like glossy finish for years

The usual waxing and polishing routines for your car might not have been satisfactory because the paint gets dull within a few months. However, a ceramic coating can give a pristine look to your car. With a high-gloss finish and an aesthetically appealing appearance, it will not fade for years. 

A long-term and cost-effective solution 

Conventional methods such as getting your car waxed will demand your frequent attention and can become a costly affair. On the other hand, ceramic paint coating is synonymous with permanent solution, as it will protect your car for a considerable amount of years. At Diamond Plate Australia, our nano-ceramic technology has been lab tested and proven to protect your car’s paint after 7 years. All major brands tested failed within 2 years. 

Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you might want to retain the looks of your car. Ceramic coating for cars can be a long-lasting solution. Add more years of life to your car and take care of it in a better way with us. If you want to experience the magic of ceramic coating, get a quote from us now. 

*Australian Bureau of Statistics.