Fabric Care

Diamond Plate’s Fabric Protection Coating can be applied to any textile surface; fabric car seats, car upholstery and carpets. The coating’s advanced formulation acts as an invisible and breathable barrier using the latest technology for durable long-term protection. It offers the future in high-tech odourless water-based protection and helps prevent permanent staining from water, coffee, milk and other commonly consumed foods or liquids, sunscreen, makeup.

Vinyl Care

Diamond Plate’s Vinyl Protection Coating is our answer to maintaining the car’s interior variety of plastics. We apply it to the dashboard, vinyl door trim and the centre console to help present cracking, splitting and discolouration cause by the effects of UV light. It also helps to prevent permanent staining from commonly consumed food and liquids, sunscreen, body creams and make-up. It delivers a nice, even satin lustre, ensuring the appearance is well-maintained and looking its best

Leather Care

Diamond Plate’s Leather protection formulation deeply nourishes and seals leather, maintaining and preserving the new car look and smell. Our product is a true leather protection coating that will help prevent cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by UV light. It prevents permanent staining from water, coffee, soft drinks, and other commonly consumer foods, liquids, sunscreen, body creams, make-up and other contaminants. The protection is applied to all leather surfaces, including door trim and seats helping to keep the car’s interior in showroom condition.

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