Ceramic paint protection has a huge part in the maintenance of your vehicle. And you here have finally realised it. As probably you’ve come across the need for protecting your car from the weather elements, giving it a deep shine, and increasing its value when it’s time to sell. You got to deal with the fact that over the course of time, you won’t be able to keep your car new-like. However, you’ve got an idea that the ceramic coating car paint protection can extend the duration of that course of time.

Car detailing is the easiest source of quick beautification of your car paint surface, but, when it comes to car paint protection, it’s a one-time, long term investment. Though, not all car owners are well-introduced to all types of paint protection and hence choose the cheapest option of detailing. It’s wise to choose the detailing option in certain circumstances.

In this blog, we are going to compare the two very famous car paint coatings, Traditional Wax and Ceramic Coating for cars, based on their pros and cons and understand the choice to be made based on the condition of your car paint and surroundings.


In the town called Bischofsheim of Germany, the first Wax was introduced in the early 17th century. It was used as paint protection for horse carriages. Then in 1910, the first car paint protection came into existence in the form of Carnauba Wax. George Simons created the Cleaner and the Carnauba Wax obtained from the fronds of the carnauba palm (Copernicia prunifera) of Brazil. Traditional wax nowadays often includes Carnauba wax. It is somewhat brittle in pure form. Hence, the formulations often include beeswax, natural oils and/or petroleum distillates.

It was less expensive and more convenient then. Even now, it is less expensive. We’ll check on its convenience as compared to the ceramic paint protection as we proceed further in this blog. The traditional wax has the properties like protecting the paint from scratches and bringing instant gloss and smooth paint finish. 


–        A cost-effective way of protecting the factory coat as compared to the ceramic coating price in Australia.

–        The abundant amount of Carnauba Wax makes it environmentally-friendly.

–        Easy to apply. The required prep work is just washing and drying your car.

–        Resistant to strong sunlight and UV rays

–        Excellent hydrophobic properties and hence prevents paint oxidation.


–        It is not long-lasting and hence a laborious task as one needs to keep reapplying the wax every 2-3 months.

–        The reapplying involves considerable prep work making the car ceramic coating a way easier choice.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for cars is a long-term nanoscopic automotive paint that can be added to or applied over the car paint. In simple words, it is another coat of paint on the present one but with better durability and finish. It is made of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) sourced from quartz or sand and Titanium dioxide (TiO2) for additional hardening.


Ceramic coatings are the best protective shields ever made for automotive paint.
Here is why –



–        Offer the best in class finish, gloss, and hardness.

–        Resistant to oxidation, UV rays, and chemical reactions

–        Highly durable.

–        Has the property to release dirt and grim of any kind and hence brings ease to cleaning.


Not sure if they are to be considered as cons as the facts have practical and logical reasons. Let’s check on these facts claimed to be the drawbacks of the car ceramic coating.

1.     Expensive than waxing –

The ceramic paint protection has an average life of 10 years. Which are around 60 reapplications of the wax. The ceramic coating price in Australia is 6 times the cost of wax. If we do a little long-term maths the best ceramic coating for cars costs 10 times less than that of the wax.

2.     Not a DIY friendly product –

True. Considering the delicate process it’s a must to get the car ceramic coating installed by professionals. But that shouldn’t be a matter of concern as we are here.

Diamond Plate’s nano-ceramic paint coating is available nationwide and is indefinitely among the best ceramic coatings for cars in Australia. It is designed to chemically react to your vehicle’s paint, creating a permanent ceramic coating.  It has a 9H hardness rating that makes it scratch-resistant and offers a high durability to the high gloss and fine look of the exterior car paint finish. It acts as a shield that repels dry particles, water, oil and dirt. It is also resistive to the damage by UV rays and bacteria. It is breathable, sustainable for a longer time(approximately 20 years) and easy to clean.

When should you opt for each kind?

If you still hold some corners for the traditional wax, here are the preferable circumstances to use each of the kinds.


–        If you drive daily on rough surfaces, harsh roads, etc.

–        If you are unable to take out time for an immediate car wash as your car keeps getting dirty.

–        If you are using the old car for a small duration and are tighter on the budget

Ceramic Coating

–        If you’ve bought a new car or had a new paint job

–        If you drive regularly

–        If you have to invest in car paint maintenance regularly

–        If you wash your car regularly

Instead of unending bullets, it can be said that every time a car owner thinks of maintaining the car paint, he/she must opt for the best ceramic coating for cars by Diamond Plate.

Final thoughts

Though applying wax is less expensive for the short-term use of the car and has properties like protecting the paint from scratches and bringing instant gloss, Ceramic Paint Protection offers the best in class finish, gloss, hardness, and has highly protective qualities against the external damage-causing factors like UV rays, bug splatter, insect itching, bird droppings, bat droppings, and weather fading and are highly durable. Applying wax is a laborious task. Moreover, wax on a painted surface leaves a residue that makes cleaning all the harder.

Bringing the choice to the personal preference, here at Diamond Plate, we are up for all your queries and concerns regarding car paint protection. Feel free to connect with us.