No one cleans the interior of a car as often as the exterior. That’s why it needs to be protected in such a way that the long intervals between two deep cleanings shouldn’t affect the shine or any other factor. For this maintenance, the best car interior cleaners like vinyl car cleaner and other interior protectants by Diamond Plate work wonders. 

Out of plenty of materials used in the car interior, the dashboard and the interior car body is made up of Vinyl. Vinyl is a form of polymer that can be used to create a variety of materials. It refers to Polyvinyl Chloride, aka PVC. In plastic, the most common polymer used is PVC. 

Vinyl is highly durable and very easy to clean. But, if not properly cared for, the surface can fade, dry out or even crack. The main reason behind this is the harmful UV rays. Dressing your dash with a vinyl protector spray. is a must to protect against those harmful UV rays. They evaporate the oil out of vinyl and break down the molecules and eventually crack.

Diamond Plate’s Vinyl Protector Spray has been designed to help prevent cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and prevent permanent staining of the treated surface from water, coffee, soda, milk or other commonly consumed food and liquids, sunscreen and makeup including door trim, center console and dashboard. 

Why one must choose Diamond Plate’s Vinyl Protectant?

Diamond Plate’s interior vinyl protectant has very impressive hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties and ease of maintenance. It offers enhanced gloss on the best-in-class finish. 

Diamond Plate’s Vinyl Protection Coating can be applied to the dashboard and vinyl door trim and center console, Vinyl protection coating advanced formulation acts as an invisible coating using the latest technology for durable long-term protection.

Diamond Plate offers a 10-year warranty on their best car interior cleaners and protectants without any yearly inspection required as we guarantee the protection for years, not days that too with just a one-time application. 

What else does your car interior ask for?


·       Provides ultimate protection against harmful UV rays.

·       Protects against water spots and stains.

·       Prevents cracking, slow-fading and discolouration.

·       Offers a wonderful dry-to-the-touch, non-greasy feel.

·       Repellent towards body oils, moisture, dirt, dust, and contamination.

Using the best car interior cleaners Diamond Plate offers complete car interior care. Out of that, the dashboard and Vinyl trimming are the areas covered by vinyl protectants. Here is the process of the application. 

The Procedure

Detailing –

The detailing is the process for the quick removal of dust, fingerprints, light soiling etc. with detailers and microfibre towels. Detailers are the first step in both cleaning and protecting. Microfibre towels efficiently pick up dirt and other residues, keeping the surface clean and neat. The blocking of UV rays starts here, and the other two steps make this blockage sustainable. 

Cleaning –

The cleaning process of the vinyl uses vinyl car cleaner and polish. This process brings a great shine to your car dash. However, the reflective scale is maintained during polishing to avoid light-reflection troubles while driving. The cleaning process removes grime from door interiors, center consoles, dashboards, steering wheels, and glove boxes.

Dressing – 

Dressing by the Diamond Plate‘s vinyl protectant coatings not only offers the ultimate protection to the interior vinyl against extreme sunlight and harmful UV rays but also maintains the look of your interior’s vinyl. There are two available types of Vinyl protectants. 

·       High sheen (gloss) look – add a shine to your surfaces

·       matte (satin) finish – restores the “factory new” look

Keeping your car’s interior clean is not only important for hygiene and health but ensures that the appearance is well-maintained and looks its best.

We’ve been offering the best looks, appearance and above all the perfect care for the interior and the exterior of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to award us with an opportunity for the complete care and protection of your vehicle.