Why you should opt for ceramic paint coating over paint protection film for your car

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, you will always be searching for the best protection for your car’s paintwork. There are many options in the market but, it eventually comes down to choosing between ceramic paint coating and Paint Protection Film (PPF). 

While both of them provide an additional layer of protection to your car, it is always better to choose ceramic coating. Here are the reasons as to why you should opt for ceramic paint for your car and not Paint Protection Film.

Comprehensive protection for your car’s entire body

Usually, people who choose PPF prefer to apply it on areas such as the bumper, grille or side-view mirrors. 

This is not a good solution, if you want to go for a one-stop-shop solution to protect your car. Ceramic coating provides the ultimate protection to your car’s body. It’s designed to chemically react to the vehicle’s paint, and creates a permanent ceramic barrier. PPF on the other hand, becomes dirtier with time and gives a shabby look on the paint surface but a ceramic paint coating gives a new glossy finish to your car.

The best solution for people who frequently wash their cars

For people who commute daily and wish to keep their cars clean, a high-quality nano-coating is the key to keeping your car shiny. 

As soon as you get a ceramic coating, you can wash your car every two weeks with the help of the two-bucket washing technique and gives a sparkling gloss look in the end. In a nutshell, it makes cleaning your car easier.

Long-term protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun

In Australia, summers are brutal and UV rays are one of the major reasons for paint damage. If your car does not have a protective layer of ceramic paint, it can lead to discolouration, and fading. 

Ceramic paint coating for cars creates a strong shield and prevents any kind of damage due to sun rays, road salt, tree sap, bird dropping and bug splatter. While PPF will also protect your car, it is not durable enough to do the same job as ceramic paint does.

The affordable and budget-friendly remedy to protect your cars

Money becomes a huge deciding factor when you want to do anything. PPF is very costly and it requires skilled professionals who can install it properly on various areas of your car. However, a ceramic paint coating can be easily installed by a qualified technician and includes all materials required for prep.

It is clear why you should choose ceramic paint over PPF, if you want a long-term solution to protect your cars. If you are looking for the best ceramic paint protection in Australia, Diamond Plate is here for you. 

The best part about choosing us is that we offer a 7-year warranty on the paint protection as well as interior protection. Not to mention that it is a 9H nano ceramic paint coating formula. 

The durability of our ceramic coating has been proven after undergoing numerous accelerated weather tests and car wash tests. 

A high-quality ceramic coating is imperative in prolonging the life of your car. It will ensure you keep your car brand-new even after years of use. If you want to learn more, you can reach out to us. You can also get an estimate for your car. We will be happy to help!