Aside from a home, it is said that a car will be a person’s, or family’s, second most important purchase or investment. One houses the most important things in your life, while the other transports them. Once you have made your decision, and the purchase, how will you keep your car looking shiny and new? And for how long?

This is where you will need to consider the best car paint protection option for your new car. But firstly, why is car paint protection so important?


Maintain the Shine.

When you drive your brand-new car out of the yard, there is a sense of pride as you’re cruising down the road in your sleek and shiny new vehicle. It’s that new-car look that everyone wants to capture and keep forever, and the best way to do that is by getting paint protection for your car.

Waxing will give your car a beautiful shine for a few months but will require frequent attention. A more permanent solution like Diamond Plate paint protection will have your car maintaining its ‘new-car’ shine for longer.


Reduce Environmental Damages.

You can’t predict actions outside of your own. No matter how much care you take when driving or parking.

Diamond Plate’s nano ceramic paint coating will help reduce the affect and impact of environmental damages such as Bird and bat droppings, Insect etching, UV Fading and Oxidisation. Designed to chemically react with your vehicle’s paint, Diamond Plate creates a permanent ceramic coating that not only enhances your vehicle’s gloss but can also help increase its thickness by up to 10%, adding further protection.


Protects Against Australian Enviroment.

It’s no secret the Australian sun can do quite a bit of damage to not only people, but cars as well. Like anything colourful left out in the sun for prolonged periods, the paint on your car will fade. Therefore, if you do not have access to a garage, car port or underground parking, it’s a necessity that you need to find an alternative way to protect your car.

Diamond Plate’s ceramic coating uses Polysilazane as the main ingredient. Its waterproof properties match those found in coatings for bridges and solar panels, both of which require maximum protection from the elements.

The Polysilazane coating is held together by silicon-oxygen bonds that are unaffected by UV, and therefore provide your car with maximum protection from the sun and against colour-fade.


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